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 Dylan started doing Bikram Yoga 4 years ago to enhance his athletic performance and concentration in martial arts and college. He immediately noticed results and committed himself to a regular practice.


 As a teenager, Dylan was diagnosed with ADD. He did not like the way the medications made him feel and was reluctant to take medications that were classified as addictive, even if they would help his academic performance. As time went on, with a regular practice, he became healthier, stronger and more focused and he wanted to help other people feel as good as he did. In fall of 2018, Dylan decided to fulfill his dream of becoming a yoga instructor and attend Bikram Yoga College of India, where he achieved his certification to teach Bikram Yoga. Dylan also practices Jiu Jitsu, MMA and is a certified Children's Yoga Instructor.

Dylan Zwick

Carrie began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2011 with the intention of relieving back pain, reducing stress and losing weight. She has been a nurse for many years and the profession had taken a toll on her both mentally and physically. She was anxious, in a lot of physical pain and getting fat.

Within weeks of her first class she noticed a reduction in stress and discomfort. She dedicated herself to a frequent practice and within a year she lost 25 lbs (and kept it off).  After 2 years of a regular practice she was no longer taking muscle relaxers or anxiety medications and was determined to spread the word about the therapeutic benefits of regular Hatha Yoga practice. Carrie earned a 200 RYT 26+2 certification under the instruction of Jimmy Barkan.

Carrie Zwick-Johnson

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